If you’ve found your way here to this Firefly Medical Cards blog section, you are curious about cannabis.

Perhaps you have some friends who have a Maryland card already, and you are seeing them with less pain, or less anxiety in their lives.

Or, maybe you believe you are the only one who is considering this type of natural medicine. You figure you are the rare person who is thinking about this, and you are embarassed.

If this is you, I’d point you to a recent poll that was reported through the Gallup organization. I’m sure you recognize them as a well-respected firm that has been running polls for decades. We look to them for current trends, political movements, etc.

Gallup surveyed Americans about their experiences and regular use of well-known intoxicants like cigarettes and alcohol–and also cannabis. As expected many Americans consume alcohol, being the one used the most of the three. About 45% of our fellow country men have consumed alcohol in the past week, and 23% of those polled say they use it occasionally.

As expected the rate of smoking has gone down steadily for decades from a high in the 1950’s of of 45% of the population, to it’s current percentage of 11.

What is surprising is that approximately 16% of those Americans from this poll say they currently smoke marijuana. And, from all those polled, 48% said they have tried cannabis at some point in their lifetime.

This was the first time ever in all of Gallup’s polling that the percentage of those who are regularly smoking cigarettes is actually lower than those who are regularly smoking cannabis.

Think about that, your neighbors are more likely to be using cannabis than they are to be smoking cigarettes.

Cigarette use is decreasing. In contrast–especially because of the cannabis legalization movement–the use of marijuana will be increasing.

So, you are not alone.

Many Americans are investigating the pros and cons of cannabis, and many are deciding to give it a try.

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You can find the original article about this polling at this link: