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CBD is a shortened name for its scientific name, cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a chemical compound or a natural substance that is found in both the cannabis sativa or hemp plants. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, the main function of which is to help maintain balance and homeostasis within the body and mind. It also influences additional receptors that are responsible for maintaining this balance.

Today, CBD can be found in beauty products such as bath bombs and lotions, food items, oil bases for vaporizers, oil in capsules, and tinctures.

Many people have various reasons on why they use CBD and wonder when is the best time to use it throughout the day. There are benefits to using CBD in the morning and there are other distinct benefits to using CBD in the evening. Various factors should be kept in mind to determine your CBD schedule.

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Using CBD in the morning can boost your energy, relieve some of your discomforts, and leave you feeling more energized and in a healthier mood throughout the day. There will also be a boost in your motivation, an increase in your productivity, and an increase in energy that can help you enjoy your exercise regimen more. Using CBD in the evening eases your discomfort, helps relax the body and mind, and leaves your mind feeling calmer and more peaceful. With your discomfort and stress gone, it will be much easier to fall into a restful and long slumber and since your sleep quality will improve, you will feel more energized the morning after. To summarize the benefits between the two, you should take CBD in the morning if you desire an energy boost throughout the day and take CBD in the evening if you desire a more relaxing sleep throughout the night. Choosing your CBD schedule is not a “one size fits all” type of process. This process is very unique and depends on the person so, the answer to whether you should take CBD in the morning or the evening simply has no general answer.

A Healthful Routine

When determining your CBD schedule, you have to think of various factors such as your frequency of taking CBD oil, the CBD form or product that you are using, the reason why you are taking CBD in the first place, and your desired effects and expectations of taking CBD. It is encouraged to take a whole dose (according to body weight, symptoms, and your doctor’s recommendation) once a day or divide the dose into two where you’ll take half in the morning and the other half at night to determine what is best for you. Make sure to stay on the same routine for a few days for your body to get used to the CBD. If you notice that it is not working for you, switch your routine. If switching your routine does not work either, you may need to increase your CBD dosage. Although, if you notice any side effects, it is best to decrease your CBD dosage. Finding the right CBD dose is a trial and error experience so patience is encouraged.

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